• "Proud of being builders and aware of the great ancient attraction of our work, creating value and progress"

  • "We include a large heritage of professional experience composed by people with their precious human lives"

  • "A long tradition connected to the territory and at the same time inspired by an innovative and global vision"

  • "We share the passion for high quality and for values about sustainable development in the areas where we work"

  • "We build constructive relationships and we have the conviction that all activities are also conducted in favour of society"


The ICM Group includes industrial companies, mainly operating in the construction sector.
The need to progressively expand the areas of intervention has led to the establishment of companies with targeted specialisations.
Today, this sector companies represent, as a whole, the best guarantee in order to be able to operate at maximum qualitative levels.


The ICM Group comes forward as a General Contractor for the execution of significant works, in terms of both value and technical contents, for public bodies and private clients both within Italy and abroad.
The introduction of new regulations and industrial policies in the sector, the growing market globalisation, the more and more relevant presence of European competitors and the contraction of the Italian market due to the current crisis, along with the consideration that the environmental context can no longer be understood as a mere passive receiving space but rather as an asset to be enhanced and protected with the work/structure to be constructed in the context in which it is inserted, demands a quick transformation and adaptation of the companies operating in the construction world.


The ICM Group has always drawn inspiration from the principles of honesty, correctness, transparency and confidentiality as well as from the respect for human dignity and for the environment in which it operates.
The awareness of employees represents an unavoidable principle for our company, the objective of which is to provide the necessary training and the necessary coaching so as to enable its employees to work under safety conditions.
The Company tries – also by means of specific improvement programmes – to preserve natural resources and to minimise or eliminate the negative environmental effects and the risks associated with its production cycles and with services, guaranteeing a socially responsible service to clients. In addition, it also promotes the search for processes alternative to those that are currently used with low environmental impact.


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ICM SpA - Copyright © 2018 - All Rights Reserved

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