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  • Edificio per laboratori integrati di tecnologie e processi chimici e di ingegneria nucleare e delle radiazioni - Nuovo dipartimento di energia - Campus Bovisa – Milano


Edificio per laboratori integrati di tecnologie e processi chimici e di ingegneria nucleare e delle radiazioni - Nuovo dipartimento di energia - Campus Bovisa – Milano

The works carried out at the campus Bovisa involved the construction of three buildings that will be used for multifunctional technical labs. The designer Steam has collaborated with the technical structure of the Company for the preparation of a project directly customized on the needs of teachers, researchers, end users of the labs. In the contract, the most interesting aspect concerned the overall functionality of environments, systems and technical furniture. Indeed, it was also included in the contract, the supply and installation of technical furniture to be integrated and operating with the plants contracted. Special attention has been paid to environmental sustainability. The project provides for green roofs, and technologically advanced features have been incorporated to ensure a B-class energy performance rating, including a photovoltaic system, a solar thermal energy system, district heating, and thermally broken doors and windows. Building A: the main building, consisting of three operational levels plus a technical facilities level, will contain the laboratories for chemistry, nuclear and radiochemistry, and electronics. Particular importance was given to the design, validation and construction of the laboratory facilities and equipment. The expenditure for the electrical, mechanical and special systems accounts for approximately one third of the total amount of the building contract. In particular, the HVAC system is controlled remotely in those environments in which there are fume hoods, technical gases and furnishings. The HVAC management software checks the quality of the air continuously by means of regulating valves and detectors distributed throughout the indoor environment. In building A, there are shielded rooms designed to protect the equipment placed within them from electromagnetic waves. The hot radiochemistry labs are classified as “Attività 75” by the Italian National Fire Corps (CNVVF) and thus subject to control by the CNVVF. For these spaces, special attention has been given to controlling access to the labs and to the installation of an inert gas fire extinguishing system. The electrical systems are designed to provide the user with maximum versatility. Cable trays have been installed in all locations, and emergency power reserves are far greater than required by building regulations. Building B: this building was designed to accommodate three (3) linear particle accelerators. The three vaults are built with reinforced concrete walls, over 1 m thick. The volume of the largest vault is 864 cu m. It is equipped with a bridge crane for lifting heavy loads and two shielded sliding doors for access to the room. The sliding doors are in steel, filled with concrete. The largest door measures 6m wide x 5m high x 1m thick. The other two vaults host the alpha and gamma ray accelerators. Access is by means of motorized lead-shielded doors. Building C: Building C hosts 3 blast rooms in which the chemical experiments will take place.


Employer: Politecnico di Milano

Works amount: € 14.041.650,97

Works start: 1 March 2010

Works end: 15 October 2012

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