Progettazione esecutiva ed esecuzione dei lavori di completamento della tangenziale di vicenza – 1° stralcio – 1° tronco

The bypass project to P.R. 46 involves the municipalities of "Vicenza" and "Costabissara", representing the completion of the Ring Road, North of Vicenza, identifying itself with the 1st section of the 1st Phase.

The road, which originates from the west ring road of Vicenza at the level of "Villaggio del Sole" area, is located west of the current P.R. N. 46 line and it connects  on the existing road network of the P.R. 46 by a ground-level roundabout in the village of Moracchino, within the municipality of Vicenza,.

Overall length of operation: approximately 5,300 mt.

Road section adopted: category C1

Main works:

1) A viaduct consisting of a 1st class pre-stressed reinforced concrete deck, with a multi-cellular box beam structure 116 mt. long and a 13.58÷13.70 mt. wide, divided into 4 spans (26.00+32.00+32.00+26.00 mt long).

The foundations bear on piles with a diameter of 1200 mm, length 25.00 mt.

2) Road underpass with 182 mt. long, realized with diaphragms in reinforced concrete, thickness 1.00-1.20 mt. and a maximum depth of 23 mt.

3) Road underpass 235 mt. long, realized with diaphragms in reinforced concrete, thickness 1.00-1.20 mt. and a maximum depth of 18 mt.

Section of the main axis road pavement:

- 4 cm sound absorbing layer;

- 6 cm connection layer (binder);

- 10 cm base layer in asphalt concrete;

- 25 cm subbase layer in cement mixture;

- 30 cm subgrade layer in crushed stone.

Main quantities:

Excavations and embankments:  m3  330,000

Land Stabilization:  m3  170,000

Concrete:  m3  28,000

Steel for reinforced concrete:  tons  3,300

Diaphragms in reinforced concrete - thickness 1.00-1.20 m:m2  9,200

CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles with diameter 1200 mm: mt. 1,350

Micropiles diameter 220 mm: mt. 4,000

Waterproof coatings: m2 28,000

Road foundation in stabilized mixture: m3 50,000

Road foundation in cement mixture: m3 28,000

Asphalt concrete  m3 22,000

Sound absorbing barriers:  m2  16,700

Road safety barriers: mt. 13,300


Employer: ANAS S.p.A.

Works amount: € 36.200.000 - Our share: 49%

Works start: 1 March 2017

Works end: ongoing

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