For ICM Group, it is essential for each company activity to be guided by ethical values and principles, all of which are defined in the Code of Conduct that each of the Group Companies must adopt to guide their actions. Such Code of Conduct is based on the principles of correctness, transparency, honesty and integrity in compliance with the highest national and international standards and guidelines in the management of the activities in which the Companies belonging to the Group operate. In such general picture, strict compliance with the current legal regulations, loyalty, correctness and transparency when acting, close attention for the high quality of the business activity, strict respect for human dignity, the protection of physical and moral integrity, as well as the appreciation of its own staff represent General Principles and, consequently, conduct standards by which all the individuals involved in the business activities must abide. Taking inspiration from the conviction that all activities are also conducted in favour of society, the Code of Conduct is reflected in the convinced adherence to conducts in line with its contents and, consequently, each of the Maltauro Group Companies adopts the Group Code of Conduct as a document aimed at regulating the conducts of employees, collaborators, the management and the entire Senior Management of the different Companies. Through the application of the Code of Conduct contents, each company of the group undertakes to abide by and ensure compliance with the general and specific principles established therein as well as to spread its contents by means of an internal continuous training process.

    Code of Conduct PDF file
    Integrated Policy ICM Group


    To implement the Group Code of Conduct, ICM Group has adopted its own Legality Protocol and its own Anti-Corruption Protocol, which – through the application of a strict system of conduct and corporate procedure standards – are aimed at fighting mafia infiltration attempts in the work sites and plants of the Group Companies, and at preventing corruptive conducts from being adopted in favour of the Group Companies.
    Document attached:
    - Legality Protocol of ICM Group
    - Anti-Corruption Protocol ICM Group

    Legality Protocols
    Protocollo di Legalità del Gruppo ICM

    Anticorruption Protocol
    Protocollo Anticorruzione del Gruppo ICM


    Wherever Public Administrations have signed specific Legality Protocols with territorially competent Authorities, such protocols shall be strictly applied by the Group Companies operating in such contexts.

    Legality Protocols Metropolitana di Napoli
    Protocollo di Legalità Metropolitana di Napoli

    Legality Protocols Line 1 Metronapoli
    Protocollo di Legalità Linea 1 Metronapoli

    Operating Protocols for Financial Monitoring Line 1 Metronapoli
    Protocollo Operativo per il Monitoraggio Finanziario Linea 1 Metronapoli

    Legality Protocols Line 6 Metronapoli
    Protocollo di Legalità Linea 6 Metronapoli

    Operating Protocols for Financial Monitoring Line 6 Metronapoli
    Protocollo Operativo per il Monitoraggio Finanziario Linea 6 Metronapoli

    Cosenza Agreements
    Protocollo d'intesa di Cosenza

    Legality Protocols BCA Scarl Augusta
    Protocollo di Legalità BCA Scarl Augusta


    PREVENTIVE MEASURES PURSUANT TO ITALIAN LEGISLATIVE DECREE 231/2001 To follow the ethical values from which the activities of ICM Group take inspiration, the Group Companies have adopted a procedural system that is able to guarantee the prevention of crimes in full compliance with and adherence to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001. The Management, Organisation and Control Model adopted by the Group Companies implements all the general and specific principles established by the Group Code of Conduct turning them into their own principles in a compatible and effective manner with respect to the particular activities conducted by each of them, transforming them into a set of procedures that constitutes a strict code of conduct that all the individuals operating in the interest of the single Companies must observe.

    The ICM Group Organisational Model
    Modello organizzativo del Gruppo ICM

    Integra Organisational Model
    Modello organizzativo Integra


    ICM Group Integrated Policy

    The ICM Group comes forward (mission) as a General Contractor for the execution of significant works, in terms of both value and technical contents, for public bodies and private clients both within Italy and abroad.

    The introduction of new regulations and industrial policies in the sector, the growing market globalisation, the more and more relevant presence of European competitors and the contraction of the Italian market due to the current crisis, along with the consideration that the environmental context can no longer be understood as a mere passive receiving space but rather as an asset to be enhanced and protected with the work/structure to be constructed in the context in which it is inserted, demands a quick transformation and adaptation of the companies operating in the construction world.

    The General Management – aware of such market evolution as well as of the conditionings resulting from it – has therefore decided to propose and implement a competitive model based on maximum quality and efficiency in terms of costs, and, therefore, to keep an integrated management system effective pursuant to standards UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 in order to continuously ensure its service quality and compliance with the customers’ requirements, the applicable law and the sector reference regulations. All this paying also utmost attention to occupational health and safety and to the compliance with all requirements in order to enable a constant positive development of the company in its reference markets.

    ICM Group has always drawn inspiration from the principles of honesty, correctness, transparency and confidentiality as well as from the respect for human dignity and for the environment in which it operates.

    The primary objectives of the ICM Group are oriented towards:

    – the satisfaction of its clients and the quality of the services that are provided and the products that are manufactured

    – strict compliance with the laws and regulations in all the countries in which the company operates

    – diligence and accuracy in the execution of contracts

    – respect for the rights of workers and for human rights

    – protection against child labour

    – respect for the principle of equal opportunities

    – the guarantees of health and safety at the workplace

    – the protection of the physical and moral integrity of all collaborators

    – the responsibility towards society that is imbued in the way the company conducts business, in the respect for the environment, for local and national communities and for the regulations in force

    – the promotion of a systematic and constant reduction of energy and water consumption

    – the minimisation of waste production by optimising waste recycling and recovery.

    The high conduct standard of all the individuals involved in the business activities takes inspiration from the conviction that all activities are also conducted in favour of society; the Company tries – also by means of specific improvement programmes – to preserve natural resources and to minimise or eliminate the negative environmental effects and the risks associated with its production cycles and with services, guaranteeing a socially responsible service to clients. In addition, it also promotes the search for processes alternative to those that are currently used with low environmental impact.

    All personnel, starting from the Management, undertake to optimise communication towards all the interested parties in order to favour a fruitful inclusion of the company within the social context and the continuation of constructive relationships; the training and awareness of employees represents an unavoidable principle for our company, the objective of which is to provide the necessary training and the necessary coaching so as to enable its employees to work under safety conditions, in compliance with the environmental regulations and following the technical specifications established to ensure the best possible qualitative level. Within the field of information, an extremely important aspect is represented by sharing with the personnel the statistics related to the occurrence of accidents and to the results of internal and external audits.

    The Management guarantees its utmost effort in order for the Corporate Policy herein set forth to be effectively implemented, undertaking to periodically reviewing it by checking the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety System.

    In addition, by constantly monitoring and analysing the data related to the trend of the satisfaction of the interested parties, the system, Processes and Services, through the achievement of effective planning of corporate objectives, with the use of team work, by raising the awareness of its suppliers, controlling and monitoring the environmental aspects and the effectiveness and efficiency indicators of the business management system processes, identifying and implementing actions to correct and prevent nonconformities for constant improvement in the Quality, Environmental and Safety fields, the ICM Group considers that it is able to offer highly qualified and competitive services as well as to play the lead in the execution of important works in the construction industry in compliance with standards, laws and regulations, contributing to environmental well-being and to the pursuit of sustainable development in the territories in which the company operates.





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